Our Industrial Solutions at a Glance

Whether electronic, electrical, automotive or medical industry, wind energy or composites – we are offering appropriate individual solutions to all industries. Our product portfolio is split up into five ranges: equipment for vacuum cast resin insulation, equipment for oil/ paper drying and stabilization, equipment for vacuum pressure impregnation, vacuum pumping units as well as moulds and clamping machines, mixing and dosing units by our subsidiary company VOGEL especially for pressure gelation (APG) and silicone applications.

Electronic Industry

Computers, mobile phones or 3D printers, no matter what – the trend in the electronic industry is towards minimization of the modules. Therefore, this range applies casting under vacuum.

Electrical Industry

In the past years, the number of renewable energy systems has risen significantly. For the electrical industry, HEDRICH has been delivering equipment technology for highest quality demands for more than 50 years.

Wind Energy

The wind energy sector demands for reliable and tough technologies. For the casting of rotor blades, the mostly used application is the fully automatic vacuum infusion process.


In car manufacturing, temperatures in the range of the motor reach up to 180 degrees Celsius – a safe protection for the electronics here is e.g. the encapsulation of components under vacuum.

Medical Industry

Highest reliability is the basis for an efficient equipment technology in the medical industry. To achieve fail-safe results of e.g. X-ray machines, we apply the vacuum technology.


The market segment of composites sees HEDRICH as pioneer, inventing the direct infusion process. To this date, the quality of the composite components produced with HEDRICH equipment is unbeatable.

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